Pearl Sizes, Necklace Lengths, Colors & Shapes

Most people have no idea what a 4, 5, 7or 12mm Pearl size is. Pearl size are measured in metric, mm's,

As a comparison we have used a Dime to help you with sizes.

Pearl size compared to a dimea dime has a diameter of 17.91 mm (0.705 inches) 

All our Pearls have this special knot on a strong Silk thread to prevent rubbing and breaks.

Necklace Lengths

  • Our Rope of Pearls are classified as 36" or longer.
  • Our Rope Pearls are measured end to end.
  • Our pearl and Stone necklaces are measured clasp to clasp.


Pearl Colors

These days Freshwater Pearls come in many wonderful colors, we have Pearls that will suit most tastes and outfits. If you are looking for a color you dont see contact us here and we will try our best to source it for you.


Freshwater Pearls Types 

Just like all the new and wonderful colors that freshwater Pearls come in, the same is true for all the new and different shapes of Freshwater Pearls. Pearls are no longer just the classic round shape anymore. Many people think that the rounder the Pearl the more expensive it is and in many cases can be, but perfectly round Pearls are hard to find and are very rare. On the other hand the chunky irregular teardrop shaped Baroque Pearls can be a lot more expensive than its almost round cousins. below are some Pearl shapes that serve to act as a guide as to what is out on the market. The Pearls below are 100% Natural freshwater Pearls, shape are square, coin, triangle, diamond, teardrop, stick and even hearts! 

Classic Pearls shapes







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