What are Freshwater Pearls?

Get To Know Freshwater Pearls

All our Pearls are natural freshwater cultured pearls that are grown inside the triangle shell mussel (Hyriopsis cumingii), A 2-7 year process! Although some Pearl shapes only take 8 months to a year to grow!

Q. How do I know if my Pearls are real?

A. Real Pearls will have a certain weight to them that will become apparent when picked up, they should seem heavier than they look. Another way is to rub them on your teeth if they feel smooth & slick they are not real, when doing the tooth test real Pearls should feel ever-so-slightly gritty and rough. And finally if you still not convinced rub the Pearls between your fingers real Pearls will have a somewhat soapy texture to them.    




  • Freshwater pearls are unique in that they are the ONLY tissue-nucleated cultured pearl in the world.       
  • Our Freshwater pearls have an excellent luster; very sharp with high rate of reflection.
  • Freshwater pearls can be round or irregular in their shapes and exhibit unusual colors.
  • Low Blemish rates less than 20% on each pearl surface.
  • Slight egg or oval-ish shape to some of the pearls upon close inspection.
  • New, intense colors and metallic overtones make the Freshwater Pearl a trendy and colorful way to wear a timeless classic with a modern twist.  
  • True round-shaped Freshwater pearls, while a major goal of pearl farmers everywhere, remain a tiny percentage of each yearly harvest – less than 3% - and are a MAJOR factor in determining a pearl’s overall quality grade.
  • New and improved color treatments are creating very unique and wonderful hues to suit anyones taste.

Q. Why are the Pearls so affordable if they are real? (Aren't Pearls expensive?)

A. Pearls used to be very expensive and reserved for the rich and famous because of the rarity of them, usually it would have taken searching 1000 oysters to find a single pearl! Nowadays the industry norm is to use the freshwater mussel variety called the triangle shell mussel (Hyriopsis cumingii). These are farmed  and one mussel can produce 20-30 Pearls in a period of 2-3years. Drastically reducing the price and making Pearls very affordable and desirable again to the general public. 90% of Pearl's found today in jewelry are of the Freshwater variety.


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